Integrating Shiatsu and Massage for Holistic Maternity Care

You may know of techniques for turning breech or posterior babies, (notably, the use of BL 7, BL 60 and sacral work). Combining these techniques with the core meridian work increases their effectiveness. Sometimes I think the baby turns because it feels reassured by this energetic connection. Sometimes mother or baby has to make an emotional shift at a profound level. I know of babies that have turned into a breech position at the same time the mother experienced a sudden shock (like her mother or partner dying or maybe she is simply afraid of giving birth). The baby senses this stress and also feels afraid and turns away from the birth canal. The Chinese say that a breech baby is holding on to the mother’s heart. Working the bladder channel helps address the fear; fear and shock are often processed by the governing and conception vessels which link closely with the kidneys.

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