QiGong: A meditative movement practice for abundant energy



” Be still as a mountain, move like a mighty river. Seek stillness in movement.”  Lao Tzu

…Gently connect movement and breath, to boost your energy, mental focus and physical well-being.  

‘Qi’ is the Chinese concept of vital life force energy, ‘Gong’ refers to acquisition of skill…. in working with Qi.  Hence:  QiGong (Chi Kung) 


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2018 Summer QiGong in Waterloo Park (Continuing through September, weather permitting)

On Wednesday evenings there will be a drop-in practice class in Waterloo Park at 7-8pm.
All levels of experience and beginners are welcome.
Bring a friend, and tell your friends.
If you come into the Park by the entrance on Westmount Drive, adjacent to Father David Bauer Drive, follow the road to the top of the hill.
…..or, if you are coming from Erb Street, along Father David Bauer Drive, there is a car park on the right, beside the skate park and playground.  Walk past the left side of the baseball diamond and continue to the left, up the hill.
In either case…
At the top of the hill, you will see a building with washrooms and also a picnic shelter.
…. From the picnic shelter, look down the slope into the open area of the Park, and walk towards the Bandshell structure. About half way to the bandshell, on the right, there is a smaller area enclosed by bushes and smaller trees. That is where we will be.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
To your health and “well”th,

Please contact us for details of ongoing classes:


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