Pre and Postnatal Shiatsu

Shiatsu offers wonderful support for your health and wellness during your pregnancy and beyond. 

Robin has long experience in Shiatsu massage therapy, and has developed a special focus on pre and postnatal Shiatsu, having undertaken post-graduate training with author and practitioner Suzanne Yates from England.

Robin’s daughter’s mom was for many years a practicing midwife, and he has a keen awareness of the importance of natural, health care during pregnancy.

Robin has assisted many expectant mothers to be more relaxed and at ease through the stages of pregnancy and to be more prepared physically and psychologically when it comes time to give birth.

Well Mother website: Supporting the wisdom of Parents and Babies

Shiatsu treatments offer real support in helping you to maintain optimum comfort and health during the many adjustments on your journey through the term of your pregnancy.  There are even some acupressure points, which though generally contra-indicated during pregnancy because of their descending effect, can, when time is right, help to speed delivery.

With the arrival of your child, self-care often takes a back seat and the gentle, effective support of shiatsu continues to have a role as you adjust to the demands of motherhood.

Shiatsu treatment is appropriate for babies and children too.  As an example, Robin has evolved a combination “mother and infant” treatment approach that brings much-needed support for you, and your baby, while offering an opportunity to learn simple shiatsu techniques that you can take home with you.


“I have had many Shiatsu sessions with Robin over the last few years and it is truly a wonderful experience. I have had much better results than with any other type of massage therapy.

During my last pregnancy, Robin was so helpful and contributed to my healthy pregnancy.  I would recommend his services to anyone, as I believe everyone should have regular Shiatsu therapy.”

Carinne Chambers, Founder: Diva Cup International, Kitchener Waterloo, ON.               July 12, 2010

Article on the role of shiatsu in pregnancy  On the scope of shiatsu therapy in pregnancy

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