New Opportunities to Practice Qigong

Energize, Focus, Balance,


~~~ Get into the Flow

Easy Mindful Movement practice suitable for Every Body
Hi All,
More opportunities for you to practice in a group setting. Until further notice there will be classes every weekday at the following times
Monday: 12 – 1 pm
Tuesday:  7 – 8 am  and 12 -1 pm
Wednesday: 7 – 8 am and 12-1 pm
Thursday: 7 – 8 am and 12-1 pm
Friday:   7 – 8 am and 12-1 pm
Saturday: Have a Beautiful day, whatever you decide to do.
Sunday: Go out into nature, maybe practice a little Qigong too!
All classes at Waterloo Riverview Dharma Centre, 33 Dupont St. East, Suite 201, Waterloo.

By donation: 50% of proceeds go to support the activities of The Dharma Centre

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