2019 Summertime Qigong in Waterloo Park


2019 Summer Qigong • Waterloo Park

• Wednesday evenings from July 10


Free practice class in Waterloo Park. All levels of experience and beginners are welcome.
Bring a friend, and tell your friends.


If you haven’t been before…PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:

Enter the Park on Westmount Drive, adjacent to Father David Bauer Drive. …..OR, if coming from ERB Street, there is a car park on the right, beside the skate park and playground…...

..Perhaps you are🚶 ….or   …Whatever your mode of transportation, go to the top of the hill where there are washrooms and a picnic shelter…..from there, walk down into the open space towards the Bandshell structure, and look to the right.

I will be waving and smiling. 😎 😊👋

Looking forward to seeing you there!

To your health and “well”th,
Robin ☯️🙏

Robin Grant, RMT, LST
Registered Massage Therapist
Licensed Shiatsu Therapist


Published by Robin Grant, RMT Registered Massage & Shiatsu Therapy

Robin Grant, RMT. LST. I am a Registered Massage Therapist with a clinical focus on Shiatsu Therapy, Reflexology and Qigong (Chi Kung) Mindful Movement Exercise . I have more than 25 years experience in helping a wide range of clients to de-stress and to connect with their innate self healing abilities - Passionate practitioner, instructor and lively public speaker.

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